The Photoshoot process

I have extensive experience creating and organizing photo projects. In Moscow my team of stylists, designers, photographs and
I completed over 50 photo projects in various studios.

Feel free to contact me

How exactly does the process work?

Профессиональный фотограф

1. Contact me and let me know what you would like to have done

Мастер по маникюру

2. We select a photo studio, choose a theme, and make a 50% deposit


3. I present you with several options for your image

Дизайнер одежды

4. Conduct the photo shoot

You can find examples of my photo projects and photo shoots in my Portfolio

Models from the Modeling School where I taught and for them I made portfolios.
If you would like a Portrait Photo Shoot – contact me!


Backstage photos are part of the preparation process and training, not only during events, but also before weddings.

You have a unique opportunity to see firsthand how a masterpiece is created. Backstage photos give an opportunity to see the friendly process and share in some of the memories.