Bridal makeup and hairstyle - the key to a perfect wedding!


You won the heart of Prince charming. Now he is looking forward to that wonderful day when he will walk with you down the aisle.

And of course, on this day you have to look stunning.


The bride doesn’t to have time to deal with all the nuances of her own wedding.

So choosing a hairdresser, stylist and make-up artist is an extremely important task.

Bridal stylist at home

For over 7 years, I have been helping brides steal the show by using a personal approach to the selection of hairstyle, make-up, and image-making.

The creation of such an image takes approximately two hours, depending on complexity. There is also the rehearsal, where together we will choose the right colors for you,

taking your hair color, eye color, skin, age, personality shade of the dress and veil, and time of year all into consideration. I love my work and work tirelessly using only premium cosmetics.

Without a doubt it is extremely difficult to find quality professionals who do excellent work, without charging you an arm and a leg. Price here.

Do you really want to search for a make-up artist, stylist, and hairdresser?
I offer you all three services in one.

My goal is to help you look amazing. You will not have to worry about make-up and hair throughout your special day.

I will give you a number of options. Your make-up will not run, your face will not shine, and your hair style will last until the end of the evening!

P.S. Think about the ordering such service in advance. After all, quality professionals are usually reserved a month prior to the big day.